Mulch and Ground Coverings for Your Chatham Yard

Visit our Chatham location for a wide range of excellent quality mulch and ground coverings, including stone for driveways and pations.

Mulch Blowing

  • Quick and efficient
  • Creates a beautiful covering for yard and garden


Pine Bark Mulch

  • Hemlock
  • Double ground black mulch
  • Standard pine bark mulch


Top Soil

  • Not recycled from compost
  • Screened at 3/8" for easy grading



  • Make your own planting mix
  • Add to your perennial beds or vegetable gardens for a quick boost


Driveway Coverings

  • 3/4" process base - for potholes and soft areas
  • 3/8" blue stone
  • 3/8" native pea stone
  • 3/4" native pea stone
  • Blue stone dust - excellent base for walkways and patios
  • Excellent shells for driveways and walkways





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